The Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world–so when they crash Sunday school and demand parts in the Christmas pageant, the whole town panics. There’s not supposed to be biting or cigar-smoking in Bethlehem, and while these kids have never even heard the Christmas story, they definitely have rewrites! Soon everyone is calling for reluctant director Grace Bradley to cancel the whole thing. It’s up to Bradley and the Reverend to help their community see the Christmas story and the Herdman kids through new eyes in this buoyant musical adaptation of the funny and touching holiday classic


Updates for Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Cast List
Anna Alvarez  Ensemble
Owen Aspinall  Elmer Hopkins
Tyler Berger  Bob Bradley
Jonas Boyer  Ensemble (u/s Ollie Herdmann)
Brandon Bui  Charlie Bradley
Libby Carr  Helen Armstrong (u/s Grace Bradley)
Emily Colmenero  Reverend Hopkins
Kaylee Delgado  Ensemble (u/s Claude Herdmann)
Shayla Forero  Claude Herdmann
Janelle Frazier  Ollie Herdmann (u/s Ivy)
Ashton Grantham  Luanne
Olivia Gregory  Beth Bradley
Samia HankinsonMiller 
Zoe Hatziathanassiou  Teddy
Abigail Lovell  Betty (u/s Alice)
David Lovell  Ensemble
Elliot Lovell  Ensemble
William Lovell  Ralph Herdmann
James McGuire  Leroy Herdmann
Edward Oster  Ensemble (u/s Teddy)
Piper Perea  Ensemble
Remi Rasmussen  Ensemble (u/s Gladys Herdmann)
Sophia Sanchez  Connie
Ainslee Schmidt  Ivy (u/s Beth Bradley)
Kaleb Schulken  Ensemble
Peyton Shoffner  Alice (u/s Imogene Herdmann)
Abigail Springer  Imogene Herdmann (u/s Betty)
Camryn Taylor  Grace Bradley (u/s Luanne)
Mason Todd  Ensemble
Tara Todd  Ensemble
Rylee Wiggins  Ensemble
Emma England
Carol Webb
Gillian Elliot
Brianna Fallon